Jane Gowrie, Ohio

I Cannot Recommend These Highly Enough!
I was pretty skeptical at first that these would work, but decided to give them a try. I've been using them since February and have had no problems with predators since. Before, raccoons and badgers were digging into my chicken coop. I've seen no digging activity since. I cannot recommend these highly enough!

Peter Stokert, Maine

This Device Has Saved Me Thousands of Dollars!
We run a small family farm and sell our produce at local farmer's markets. We have a huge problem with deer and have tried everything to get rid of them - I was about to drop $25,000 on constructing a deer fence when I learned about Predator Guard. I purchased 12 of these devices and they have worked consistently to keep deer away from my gardens.

Andy Rivera, Massachusetts

Money Well Spent! 
This has been money well spent! I was losing a bird every week to foxes. Since installing 4 Predator Guard lights the carnage has ended. This has been way cheaper than replacing my flock every month.

Amy Clagett, New Mexico

No More Problems With Predators!
I bought these for my hen house after having some chickens killed. I've been using them for about 3 months and have had no more problems from predators. When I go out in the early morning, the lights are still flashing brightly, so the solar charge has plenty of power to cover the whole night!

Louis Mauro, California

Very Effective! 
This product actually does what it promises! Very effective at keeping predators away from my vegetable gardens and chickens.

Sarah Miles, North Carolina

Cost Nothing To Run
I feel secure looking out at night and seeing the Predator Guard lights blinking. I have 8 units all around my veggie garden, chicken and duck coops. They are doing a great job and cost nothing to run.

Robert Candina, Caloundra (Qld), Australia

Success in Australia 
In Australia, fox, dingo and feral cats are the biggest problem attacking and killing our sheep and other livestock. We've used the Predator Guard lights successfully for over a year now. They paid for themselves on the first night. These are really catching on around here.

Pete Twombly, Maine

Great for Campgrounds
These lights have worked great for us. We manage a campground and have had a huge problem with Raccoons raiding trash cans and campers supplies. This keeps them at bay and makes less work for us​​​​​​​

Tom Rice, Texas

2 Flashing Lights Are More Effective 
I've tried everything including traps, electric fencing and motion-detector spot lights and these have been the most effective solution by far. I like it that there are two lights per unit, as opposed to other similar devices that have only one light  - I think it's far more effective at frightening predators away.​​​​​​​

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