PestAway Ultrasonic Animal Deterrent - FAQ

Q: How long do the batteries last?

A: 2 x 9 volt batteries will give you around 3 to 6 months operation before battery replacement is required. Please note: Batteries are not included with the PestAway unit and must be purchased separately. PestAway units that are activated multiple times everyday will require more frequent battery changes. An optional power adaptor is available when PestAway is installed in a more permanent position.

Q: Is there any way to deactivate the strobe light?

A: The strobe light combined with the ultrasonic, or optional sonic signal, gives a very effective startling effect to wild animals and sends them running. If you prefer not to have strobe lights you could cover them with black tape. It is not possible to deactivate or turn them off.

Q: PestAway unit does not seem to effect or scare away cats

A: You will find that the ultrasonic annoyance that the PestAway device creates will eventually make cats avoid your yard and seek other places to hang out. It is not always an immediate response, especially if animals have made themselves at home in your yard for sometime, but the constant annoying frequencies will not allow this animal to rest and it will move away permanently.

The ideal mounting height for cats is 12 to 18 inches off the ground.

Try alternating between the ultrasonic frequencies and the audible alert sound. You can switch between these modes via the round button on the upper left hand corner of the unit.

Give it a few more days and you will see results!

If the cats have established a territory via their scent, it may also be a good idea to use a strong scent deterrent to take back your yard.  Citronella oil mixed with water and sprayed around the areas where they are pooping is often effective. 

Of course if you prefer to return the product for a full refund you can do so through your Amazon account.

Go to the drop down menu and choose 'Orders' find your PestAway order and select 'Return.'

You can print out a pre-paid shipping label at this point.

Q: A cat keeps returning and is pooping in my garden!

A: Cats establish their 'territory' and keep returning to that place where they have made their own 'scent.' 
The best way to end this activity is to introduce another very strong 'scent' that cats do not like. 

The simplest cat repellent is citronella oil, available at health food stores or at Amazon. You can dilute with water it in a spray bottle. 
Just add 50 drops of citronella to a half pint of water.   Spray it daily around your garden till the cats learn to keep away. 
The PestAway device will keep any new activity away.

Q: How high should the unit be placed off the ground to be effective?
The height for PestAway installation all depends on the animals you are trying to deter.

Most people use the device for smaller animals like cats, dogs etc. The ideal height for these animals is 12 to 18 inches off the ground.

If you are trying to deter larger animals then you could raise the height so that when they walk past the unit it will be activated by their body movement.

Q: My own cat was unaffected by this device.

A: Please be aware, this is not a true test of the PestAway device!! Your own cat feels very much at home inside your house. There is trust and security in this space. Initially your cat may be curious about this device (its trusted master) is presenting and will investigate it. Over time the annoying ultrasonic sounds will make your cat seek out another area in your home. With stray or neighborhood cats the effect is even more pronounced as your yard is not their own secure space. Please be sure to mount your unit at a height of no more than 18 inches off the ground to ensure that neighborhood cats will trigger the unit's ultrasonic sounds and strobe lights.

Q: Cats walk right by the PestAway device. It does not repel them

A: Please NOTE: The PestAway’s motion sensor must be mounted at the same height as the animal being deterred. If the unit is mounted any higher it will not activate. Please lower the unit to a height of 12 to 18 inches off the ground maximum for cats.

Q: Is there any way to increase volume of ultrasonic or audible sounds on the PestAway unit?

A: There is no way to increase the volume of the ultrasonic frequencies or audible sound alert signals.

The settings have been configured to create maximum annoyance to animals.


Q: PestAway has no effect on Raccoons digging up my lawn and yard

A: In the case of raccoon digging up a yard, this occurs because the animal has found a reliable source of bugs, insects or grubs in the ground or lawn.

Once an animal knows that a reliable source of food can be found they will keep returning to that area.

Placing a device like PestAway in the area may not initially keep the animal away, as the urge to feed and the knowledge of an easy meal will take precedence.

In this case we would recommend removing the food source. You need to get rid of these insects and bugs.

Delta Guard Granules and Bayer Complete Insect Killer will kill off this food source. Both of these products are available at Amazon.

You can also sprinkle red pepper flakes in the areas where the raccoon is digging. This will give a burning sensation to the raccoon's mouth and it will be less likely to dig up this area.

The PestAway device will keep sending out ultrasonic irritation that the raccoon will want to avoid, but right now the presence of food is too enticing.

Q: PestAway has no effect. How do I return it for a refund?

A: Thanks for purchasing PestAway Ultrasonic Animal Repeller.   We appreciate that you took the time to try our product and want to ensure your complete satisfaction.  

If you prefer to return the product for a full refund you can do so through your Amazon account within 30 days.  

Go to the drop down menu and choose 'Orders' find your PestAway order and select 'Return.'  You can print out a pre-paid shipping label at this point.

If the unit was purchased through the Predator Guard website, you may return it for a full refund within 30 days. After 30 days your refund may incur a 20% restocking fee on your return.


Q: PestAway is not working to repel dogs.
We do have many customers who use the PestAway device successfully to repel dogs. 

Did you try using the ultrasonic mode? Sometimes it takes a few days for the annoyance of the ultrasonic sounds to work. 

Please take a moment to view the following customer's video showing the PestAway successfully repelling a dog in the ultrasonic mode. 

Q: PestAway did not work to repel rabbits.
Are you using the audible or ultrasonic setting? We recommend the audible setting.  This will create an annoyance zone which the rabbits will eventually avoid. 

Some customers also use blood meal and bone meal in their gardens. Rabbits are herbivores and will avoid the scent.

Q: PestAway is not working to repel geese.
How long have geese been visiting your property? Sometimes it takes a week or so for the geese to avoid the annoyance area created by the Pestaway unit. We are trying to interrupt a habitual pattern, so it is not always an immediate result.

Q: The 2 x 9 volt batteries are dead after 6 weeks. Is this normal?

A: The 2 x 9 volts batteries should last longer than the 6 weeks you have been using the unit.

The only reason for such a quick rundown of batteries is if the unit is being over-activated.

Is there any movement in front of the device, other than visiting animals, that could be setting it off?

Sometimes a tree branch or bush that is moved around constantly by wind would activate the device.

We also offer an optional power adaptor for the unit for a longer term solution.

Q: PestAway is no longer working – I have a faulty unit
If you purchased your PestAway within the past 30 days at Amazon you can return any faulty unit directly to Amazon for a replacement or refund.   Simply print out a return shipping label from your Amazon account when you request a return.

If it has been 'more than 30 days' since your purchase please follow instructions for returning your unit for a warranty replacement: CLICK HERE.   Please use your order number as your RMA#

Disclaimer: Predator Guard LLC cannot be held responsible for injuries or damages that may occur as a result of the improper use of Predator Guard devices or the unpredictable activities of wild animals.

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