Solar LED Lights - Directions for use

Predator Guard Solar LED Lights - Directions for use

How it Works

The Predator Guard Solar LED Lights employ the latest in Solar and LED Technology to automatically turn on at dusk and off in daylight.  A continuous bright flash of light forces night animals to sense danger and immediately flee the area.
Charging Instructions

Remove protective tape covering the solar panel before use.  To fully charge a new battery, the solar panel must be exposed to direct daylight for 6 to 8 hours before first use.

When fully charged, a single push-button switch on the rear of the light unit puts into AUTO mode or OFF mode.  in AUTO mode, the unit will begin flashing at dusk and stop flashing at dawn.  In OFF mode, the unit will be inactive.  To test if the unit is operationg, cover the solar panel to imitate darkness - the unit will start flashing when set to AUTO mode.
If the lights do not flash, push the rear switch in until you feel a small click.  Hold hand over the solar panel again to confirm that the lights flash.
Mounting Instructions

The Predator Guard light has a single mounting tab on top of the unit.  Each light unit comes with a mounting screw to mount the unit to a post or wall.  Units can also be attached to fences with a plastic cable tie or wire.  An internal magnet allows attachement to any metal surface.
The Predator Guard unit needs to be positioned in an area where it will receive sunlight on the solar panel for 4 to 6 hours per day.

The correct positioning of your Predator Guard light is critical.  Predators are determined to attack your livestock or property.  They will circle the area until they find a safe entrance.  By mounting the light unit at eye-level of the predotors you are attemtping to deter, facing it in out outward directions, you will have the most success.
For maximum protection, we recommend that 4 or more units are deployed around the perimeter of an enclosure or property to offer 360-degree coverage.  This will keep approaching predators at bay from all directions.

Deer are intelligent animals and have a keen sense of their surroundings.  It is recommended that your Predator Guard lights be repositioned by a few feet every week. as deer may sense a reduced risk, get bolder and approach the lights in inspect.  By moving the units on a frequent basis you are ensuring it a new pattern for the deer to observe and to keep them at a distance.  Eventually they will seek a new area to feed.
Your Predator Guard light can be gang-mounted on a single post to protect a central area of your property or on the perimeter of an enclosure, chicken coop, or garden.

The sight range of the Predator Guard light is a distance of 1/2 mile if the view is unobstructed on open, flat ground.  If the area to be protected is located on a hill, adjust the lights lower to follow the contour of the slope.  If the area is located on lower ground, adjust the angle of the light to be higher.  If your area is flat and open, the lights will be seen from a greater distance and can be placed further apart.

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