Pest Away - Directions for Use

Pest Away - Directions for use

How to Install
  1. Simply remove the main module from the mounting shelter gently.  The main module will slide out
  2. Slide open the cover of the battery compartment at the back of the main module and install two new 9V alkaline batteries.
  3. For AC mains operation, plug the optional adapter into an electric outlet
  4. Replace the main module by pushing it into the mounting shelter.  Attach the unit to a post or the wall of a building using the mounting hole and the supplied screw.  You may mount shelter between 12 - 36 in (30 - 90 cm) from the ground to wall or a post.
  5. Turn the power switch to the "ON" position.  After about 30 seconds of warm up time, you will see the flashing strobe with inaudible/audible sound.  You may push the front function button to shift the inaudible sound to audible sound to repel specific animals according to your need.
  6. To ensure the device is triggered by intruding animals, mount your Pest Away unit at the same height as the pest you are trying to deter.
  7. Leave your Pest Away unit on 24 hours.
Please Note
  • Turn off the Pest Away if your pet will be in the protected area.  If using the unit indoors, ensure the pet is not trapped in the protected area but is able to leave the area.
  • When anyone is in the protected area, turn off the device to preserve battery life.
  • Do not immerse the unit in water or any other liquid.
  • Do not tamper with the device's internal components.
  • The PIR detection system turns on and off as an animal's body heat moves into or out of the detection zone.  There is a 30 second reset period.
  • Make sure the detecting lens is clean.  Do not handle the lens with bare hands.  When necessary, use a damp cloth to gently wipe off any dust.

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