How To Get Rid Of Raccoon

Raccoons are scavengers - if they’re hungry, even mere morsels of food left out in the open can lure them to your property. Keep discarded food waste out of sight and try to mask the odor of these scraps. Purchase and use receptacles and trash cans with lids that close tightly and lock into place. Expel Natural Animal Repellent Spray is a great repellent for trash cans. It contains peppermint, cinnamon and garlic oil to mask food and trash odors. These oils also act as a natural taste and scent repellent for raccoons. 

Do not leave uncovered pet food outside your home. Feed your pets indoors.

As raccoons love to dig up and find grubs and bugs in your lawn and garden, one of the best preventative methods is to treat your lawn to get rid of their favorite snacks. Spray your lawn with milky spore disease or beneficial nematodes. 

Beneficial nematodes are an organic form of pest control that will help reduce the number of grubs under your lawn. These microscopic organisms live in the garden soil and consume garden pests such as the grubs that attract raccoons.

Many of our customers have found success placing ammonia-soaked rags around the yard. Ammonia acts as a very strong scent deterrent for raccoons. Ammonia stations are made by soaking rags in ammonia and placing them in metal containers such as baking trays, old coffee cans etc., so the ammonia won’t leak out into the ground.

Generous applications of cayenne pepper flakes can also help to make your garden a place raccoons will avoid. The hot burning sensation of cayenne is a compelling repellent.

As raccoons are nocturnal, many customers have success using flashing deterrent lights during night hours. These small solar powered LED lights create the impression there is another larger predator in the area and make raccoon and other animals avoid your property.

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