How To Get Rid Of Coyote

Coyotes can be found all throughout the United States. 90% of coyotes’ diet consists of animal matter. When coyotes’ feeding leads them to your yard, livestock or pets, they become a real problem.

Coyote damage is quick and complete. They will readily eat chicken, eggs, pheasant, and turkey. They cause huge financial losses to homesteaders and commercial farmers. Ponds stocked with fish or turtles provide a quick meal for coyotes.

There are a number of control methods that will help keep your backyard coyote-free. 
  1. Keep pets (cats, small dogs, and other pets) indoors from dusk until dawn. Alternatively, keep pets in a coyote-proof yard or cage from dusk until dawn. Ensure chickens are inside a secure coop at night.                             
  2. Feed your pets indoors.  Or if you feed them outdoors do so during the day and never leave pet food out at night.                                                     
  3. Make sure trash is not left outside in bags and that all trash cans have secure lids with locking mechanisms.  Secure the cans to a fence or wall with rope or elastic cord so the trash cannot be tipped over.                         
  4. Install motion-sensitive lights in your back yard and around your house.
Coyotes are nocturnal and most of their attacks occur in the middle of the night when they encounter the least resistance. Farmers and gardeners use Predator Guard Solar LED deterrent lights to stop night attacks. The regular flash of the twin LED lights mimics the eyes of another predator in the darkness, creating fear and causing coyote to flee your property and seek out other areas to feed.

Farmers who want to add extra protection for their livestock add fladry to their fence line - strips of nylon ribbon that flap around in the wind. Predator Guard Scare Tape can also be used to create the same deterrent effect.

Guardian animals like donkey, llamas, and dogs that live in the same enclosures as cattle and sheep will protect livestock from coyote attacks.

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