Utah Officers Bravely Help Free Cougar From Trap

Apr 7, 2016 by Drew Waters

Utah Officers Bravely Help Free Cougar From Trap When Utah conservation officers heard that there was a cougar caught in a trap, they were determined to help. Although it would be a dangerous mission - the men were prepared to do all that they could to free the animal. Get ready for your heart to skip a beat, because this is pretty frightening to watch!

Deer Repellent Review – A Customer Success Story

Mar 31, 2016 by Drew Waters

Deer Repellent Review – A Customer Success Story A Predator Guard customer shares his success using Predator Guard deterrent lights as a deer repellent on his farm in Kansas. Predator Guard Solar LED deterrent lights are used around the world on farms, homesteads and in gardens, to protect plants, crops and livestock from night predators including deer, coyote, fox, raccoon, skunk, bear and more. Predator Guard deterrent lights are solar p...

The 3 Pronged Strategy To A Pest Free Yard

May 16, 2015 by Drew Waters

Our strategy will ensure you maintain a beautiful, pest free yard. 1. Remove Attractants The first step to creating a pest free yard is to remove anything animals may be attracted to. If unwanted wild animals are frequenting your home or garden, there is at least one source of food, water and/or shelter that is attracting them. The solution is to remove or alter these resources so that the area is no longer attractive. 5 Ti...

Predator Deterrent Lights Trigger Wild Animals’ Deepest Fears

Apr 9, 2015 by Drew Waters

What makes Predator Guard deterrent lights unique is that they employ neophobia, a nocturnal animal’s instinctive fear of new or unusual things in their natural environment. In nature, various species use this fear to protect themselves. Several species of insects and fish have one or more large eyespots on their bodies. These large, dark circles resemble the eyes of a larger animal. The Owl butterfly’s wings feature large markings th...

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