How To Protect Chickens From Weasels

Jan 10, 2019 by Victoria Moore

Learn how to protect your chickens from weasel attacks without harming any animals in the process. Weasels may look adorable, but don't be fooled - they're actually pretty brutal. They kill and eat about half of their body weight each day, and have super fast metabolisms.  They're triggered by movement, meaning even if they're full, if they see something move that looks like prey, their instincts kick in. Wease...

How to Get Rid of Opossums (In Your House and Yard)

Dec 11, 2018 by Victoria Moore

Learn how to safely and effectively get rid of opossums in your house and yard in just a few steps Opossums can be bad news for homeowners, gardeners, and those raising chickens. Generally they don't stick around too long unless a female opossum makes a home for her young. Under normal circumstances, opossums will meander through your yard on occasion, in search of food and water before moving on to another location. However, f...

Protecting Your Livestock From Bobcats

Oct 16, 2018 by Victoria Moore

Protecting your livestock from bobcats doesn't have to be intimidating or overwhelming. In this article we'll cover the ways you can protect your property and animals from the elusive bobcat   Bobcats are extremely dangerous, and having them on your property should be taken seriously.  Every year or two, my husband retells the story of the time he crossed paths with a snarling bobcat in the middle of the night. In tha...

How To Protect Chickens From Foxes

Oct 9, 2018 by Victoria Moore

Learn how to protect chickens from foxes in a few simple steps. Foxes are one of the most dreaded predators on any property. Luckily for most chicken owners, foxes tend to be pretty low on the list of threats. However, depending on the surrounding land, they can be a nuisance. Foxes can typically be found in dense wooded areas. If you happen to see a fox or two on your proper...

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