7 Interesting facts about chickens that will entertain you

Feb 1, 2021 by William Bessette

7 Interesting facts about chickens that will entertain you
7 interesting facts about chickens that will entertain you

If you've raised chickens, then you know all too well that they have personalities too. In fact, they have a system to determine who is in charge. That's where the saying "pecking orders" comes from.
Chickens can be entertaining, to say the least. Kids love watching them grow and enjoy feeding and caring for them, too. Beyond their entertainment factor and their ability to produce eggs for breakfast, there are some other facts about chickens you may not be aware of.

1. There are tons of chickens out there

When it comes to birds, chickens rule the roost. There are about 25 billion of them worldwide!

2. Food may not have been the original drive for owning them

It's suspected that chickens weren't originally domesticated for food, but for another reason altogether. Unfortunately, cockfights used to be popular.

3. A chicken can avoid egg fertilization

If a hen decides a rooster isn't worthy, she can extract "its seed" so it doesn't fertilize the egg. A chicken may find a rooster unworthy if he doesn't have a good pecking order.

4. A lot of eggs can be laid a year

300 eggs, that's how many eggs a chicken can potentially produce in one year! 371 is the recorded high.

5. Chickens can remember some faces

100 faces (including animals and people), that's how much a chicken can store in their memory.

6. There's a record holder for the most yolks

There's one egg that actually had 9 yolks in it!

7. Some people are afraid of chickens and there's a name for that fear

Believe it or not, there's a phobia called Alektorophobia. That refers to people who are scared of chickens.

These are just a few of the amusing facts about chickens. We hope you enjoyed them! There's plenty to learn, just click the hyperlinks to find out more.

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